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Score=10631 Vote; ; Céline Sciamma; Actor=Adèle Haenel; creator=Céline Sciamma; release year=2019. You guys said some really important things, so that I even think this is the best review of this film on youtube. I think this is not just the best film of 2019, it is even a milestone in many respects, which will be cited in film histories as example of really advanced cinematic work. Its an inteligent movie, so it will require intelligent audience, and not everybody will always click with it. However, people who know and understand arts, philosophy, poetry and politics will always understand why this film is groundbreaking. Thank you once again.

De Céline Sciamma avec Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel, Luàna Bajrami En salles le 18 Septembre - France - 2h00 Synopsis 1770. Marianne est peintre et doit réaliser le portrait de mariage dHéloïse, une jeune femme qui vient de quitter le couvent. Héloïse résiste à son destin dépouse en refusant de poser. Marianne va devoir la peindre en secret. Introduite auprès delle en tant que dame de compagnie, elle la regarde. Format image: 1. 85 Format son: 5. 1 Sélection(s) en Festival: Festival de Cannes 2019 - Prix du scénario Séances: Voir les séances.

Portræt af en ung kvinde i flamme. I felt numb after this that I stopped watching movies/tv shows. But it still did not calm me down. Such an impact. Portræt af en ung kvinde i flamme verte. Portræt af en ung kvinde i flammes. En subs? would be highly appreciated. Portræt af en ung kvinde i flamme violette. YouTube. Something went wrong, but dont fret — lets give it another shot. This movie is just incredibly beautiful. Loved every minute of it. This film is a luxurious feast for the eyes. Even single shot is fantastic, the colour choices were amazing, there is a great balance between the primary colors and the red and green dresses of the protagonists really bring a lot of power and life to the movie. The wide shots of the sea are gorgeous and the sound design is so well-done, The sound of the waves and the footsteps add so much to the experience. The camera work is brilliant. The way they director has set the camera in the drawing sequences is really clever and aesthetically nice, as it is maintained in the whole film. The whole film has a great personality and atmosphere, one that made it really interesting to watch and I definitely want to rematch it.
The actresses did a really great job. Their expressions and reactions feel so real and there is the protagonist's eyes are gorgeous and so captivating, It is not a plot-oriented film, but the plot actually manages to be really good, though it is probably the films weakest element,
The dialogues, especially during the first half, were so cleverly written and brought out both emotion and things to thing about, It is a film that is basically a love story, but manages to talk about the position of women during that particular are, how their whole life was designed by others so they want to meet other ideas and emotions, like how does music feel or what is love, what is freedom, is freedom a state of living that we can have forever?

My only bag with the film would be that the actual story is kind of a ripoff of other films that talk about love? For instance, I felt that it actually had the same story with Call me by your Name, a film which I really really love. Two strangers meet and fall in love, they keep it as a secret and time is the story's enemy. There is an actual scene where the characters say they lost time and should have been together earlier and there is a similar piece of dialogue in CMBYN, so I felt that it was not such a breathtaking story, although i was never really bored and the relationship between the character was explored nicely.

There are a lot of beautiful shots and scenes in the film, one of them is in the poster and really brought a sense of joy to my heart, there is a scene where the characters are playing cards and it feels so real and fun, the painting scenes were lovely and the last scene is actually perfect and the acting in this scene is phenomenal.
Watch this film, it has a beautiful scenery and tone and I give it an 8/10
I might give it a 9 but that is not the point
This is a beautiful film.

Portræt af en ung kvinde i. Céline Sciamma is full of talent,passion,and charisma.I love her previous works,both as a writer or/and as a director,yet Portrait de la jeune fille en feu still shocked me,the way she captured love even dethroned Carol that has been my favorite for years.


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Portræt af en ung kvinde i flammerans. Portræt af en ung kvinde i. Portr c3 a6t af en ung kvinde i flammer ford. Not sure what they're saying but it sounds beautiful ❤. This is an excellent recap of the movie Congratulations. Purée pourquoi il ne parle que de sex? Pour avoir vu le film ce nest vraiment pas un point central du film... Portræt af en ung kvinde i flammerans. I love that you love this film. I saw it at MIFF and was my festival highlight.

Portr c3 a6t af en ung kvinde i flammer pdf. Portræt af en ung kvinde i flammarion. Mon commentaire vise les commentateurs precedent que je trouve interessants. Vous avez pour bcp un regard objectif et une analyse constructive de la situation.

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